An economical alternative of plastic part production

Vacuum molding (also known as polyurethane vacuum casting) is the small batch injection molding of plastic parts. An economical alternative that can be used to closely simulate the final molded part or finished product.

Usually, The mold is made of silicone rubber and uses C N C or S L A parts as the master mold. These The mold can replicate every structural detail and surface texture of the product by turning the mold over. To make another product, a set of silicone molds can replicate 10-15 sets of products. Vacuum molding material Polyurethane resins are polymers with a wide range of properties and uses.

Protom provide various A variety of polyurethane materials to suit your application, including Japan’s Hei-Cast and France’s of A x son. are materials with certain properties similar to engineering production plastics, e.g. A B S, PMMA, PC, P P, PA, etc. Cast parts can range from transparent to translucent From clear to colored, from soft rubber to hard plastic. Various materials include impact resistance, high temperature resistance (1 2 0 ℃) or fireproof (UL 9 4 -V0), glass filled resin and different hardness Silica gel.

Post time: Nov-02-2023