New Injection machines coming– news

New Injection machines coming– news


In order to keep up with customer demand for volume injection molded parts and products and maintain our fast lead times, high quality and superior service Protom continually invest in new equipment.

We have added another 3 injection molding machines from leading Chinese injection molding machine manufacturer Haitian.

530 ton

250 ton

120 ton

We are dedicated to providing high-quality injection molding parts and products so continually reinvest in new equipment. Haitian is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of these types of injection mold presses. They are China’s largest and even rank as number one globally in terms of the number of products sold.


Protom provides high/low volume, high mix manufacturing services for hundreds of companies around the world. We make parts and products for all manner of industries and companies of all sizes from start-ups up to Fortune 100 giants. Our customers keep coming back because of our dedication to delivering the best, this requires constant reinvestment and commitment to improving every day.


For your low volume injection molding requirements or if you have parts that need machining, 3D printing or die casting please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our dedicated and experienced team.

Post time: Sep-27-2019